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How can a soft drinks company know it’s going to win big with a flavor that consumers have NEVER tried?

The marketing technology market is expanding fast and is expected to grow 50 % by 2020. Companies like Coca-Cola are using big data and artificial intelligence to improve everything from product development to marketing. Predictive Marketing is about using analytics to discover the set of marketing and sales actions that will result in the best customer behavior… BEFORE any testing takes place.


Antti Merilehto

Bestselling author on AI

Antti knows how to get an audience engaged. He was a teacher, a bouncer, an event producer, a TV actor, a probation officer and a trainer of Finnish marketing teams for Google. He has lived in five different countries and studied in four.

This mosaic of knowledge, cultures, jobs of all kinds and international business makes for a very engaging and thought-provoking speaker. One who understands the complexity of business, having worked at Google's European headquarters from 2012 to 2014. There, he trained Finnish digital marketing departments and spoke at Google’s many Finnish events. Nowadays he is a Country Manager for Finch Finland.

Most recently, Antti has been looking forward to the publication of the English version of his new book, Executive's travel guide to Artificial Intelligence. It is out in February 2019.

Antti´s topic at the Power Lunch was The Intelligent Future: AI & Business today and tomorrow.

Matti Airas

Business Development Manager

The second keynote speaker of the day was ID BBN´s AI expert, Matti Airas. Matti is a consultant in predictive data-driven marketing and customer experience. His passion is figuring out how to use data to solve business problems.

You can watch Matti´s presentation on Predictive Marketing on ID BNN´s YouTube-channel.

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